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Command Performance: GWAR Acoustic


Pentagon Channel

By MC2 Elliott Fabrizio

Interviewing GWAR was going to be a different experience. They’re a metal band that dresses up as aliens and does not break character EVER.

To see how far we could push the interview, we decided to ask GWAR to play acoustic for us. Lots of the country stars we interview like to do that for us, and we thought it’d be funny to pose the question to GWAR.

 As a metal band, they really didn’t have any acoustic instruments, but my roommate volunteered his guitar. That was a mistake.

It wasn’t a traditional acoustic number, but it did make an interesting sound. Don’t worry about my roommate’s guitar though. He wasn’t very good, and now he has a GWAR-signed/smashed guitar board.

SSG Josh Hauser interviews Oderus Urungus. Blog author Elliott Fabrizio runs camera.

Click here to watch our full GWAR interview.

A word of warning: Watch the interview with a sense of humor. These guys were really nice to us and down to earth. If you offend easily, keep in mind that most of what they are saying is just a character.

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  1. Adam says

    Great job!! GWAR rules!!!

  2. Michael Yorba says

    GWAR is such a dumb band. I mean they’re just a extended gimmick right? Nobody actually likes their music. They probably had to break that guitar because they don’t actually know how to play.

  3. Cristi says

    Michael you suck…You need to be fed to the World Maggot !!! GWAR is the most entertaining musical act there is and ever will be! Oderus makes a great candidate for interviews, tells it like it is!!! GGWWAARR !!!!!!! \m/

  4. Stephanie Cox says

    LOLOLOL The interview is the funniest thing ever!

  5. Slim says

    Gwar and the troops both rule.By the way Michael. Yorb a loser and obviously have no idea how to play an instrument. If you did you wouldnt talk shit.Cool interview all the same.Well done Josh,CHEERS!

  6. Julie says

    Michael, you are repeating words fed into your brain from somewhere…fact is GWAR is an underground sensation. Their live shows are phenomenal and of course that’s where they get most of their fame…but there are many, many actual fans out there (surprise!) who really like their music. I’m one, and I know lots of others. I’m totally obsessed with these guys. I’m not asking you to like them or buy their albums but please do respect that different people like different music. A country fan would never like GWAR, many metal fans don’t either…but they are a weird punk/metal thing, and completely unique. Comparing them to other music is like comparing the Rocky Horror Picture Show to any other movie without ever having seen it in person. You don’t get it…and it’s OK. By the way, the fact that they’re really really nice people under all the latex doesn’t hurt matters either.

  7. Josh says

    Thats Awsome Guitar Smash By The Great Oderus. Gwar Rules!!!!!!! Hopfully Ill Get To See Them Live Soon…Awsome Job JoSH

  8. Aaron says

    Yorba, by that rationale you should probably go break your head against a wall because you obviously don’t have the slightest clue on how to use that! because you have definitely never listened to GWAR’s music before or you would not come here spouting your inane drivel, and advertising your ignorance to the world!

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