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Meet the Close Combat Commentators

By MC2 Elliott Fabrizio

The Pentagon Channel is currently producing Close Combat, a multi-week series that explores the Modern Army Combatives Program and centers around the action of the 2010 U.S. Army Championship Combatives Tournament. The series premieres January 2011.

Last week, TPC completed studio work with our fight commentators Matt Larsen and Van Stokes. In the series, they’ll introduce the fighters and call the action play by play during Close Combat’s championship matches.

Matt Larsen is known as the “Father of Army Combatives” for completely rewriting the Army’s combatives doctrine and establishing the U.S. Army Combatives School.  He is the acting director of the Modern Army Combatives Program.

Van Stokes is an experienced announcer who provided Pentagon Channel viewers with commentary during TPC’s coverage of the 2010 Armed Forces Boxing Championship.

Meet the commentators for yourself, by watching this preview.

Pentagon Channel

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  1. chris says

    Lets get real and stop catering to the UFC audience. you will never fight like that in full gear and if it does happen its a 1 percent chance. Unfortuanetly the services are trying to exploit the UFCs power to draw young men instead of focusing on stand up techniques and profiencey.